Seva Grant

To coincide with Indorama’s founder and CEO SP Lohia’s birthday, S.P. Lohia Foundation launched the Seva Grant. This subvention was created to encourage and support Indorama’s extended family of employees in their commitment to a good cause. 


Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service. SPLF requests that the applicants are personally involved in the cause to be eligible for this grant, investing personal time and resources to match the support.


SPLF hopes that the Seva Grant will spiral up, creating a never-ending succession of selfless efforts for positive change. 


The grant is available to Indorama’s employees across eleven countries. It may provide the seed capital for a new philanthropic venture, support existing charities, or sustain a grassroots community project.


We extended our best wishes to the recipients of the 2022 Seva Grant:

Mr. Abdul Haris Fitri
Supporting 25 patients, suffering from cancer to meet their cost of medical care in Indonesia.
Mr. Samchuks Valentine Chikwadom
Skill and entrepreneurship training of 250 underprivileged youth in Nigeria. 
Mr. Lesor-Akpodee Lete Kingsley

Construction and renovation of a Market in Wiiyaakara Town in Khana. Local Government Area of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Mr. Samar Samanta
Skill training of 200 women in stitching, thereby helping them to generate income, in the state of West Bengal, India.