About Us

SP Lohia


Founded by S.P. Lohia and his father, Mohan Lal Lohia, and now including the Lohia family’s fourth generation, SPLF was born from the belief that education is the most powerful tool to enable inclusive, transformational, and sustainable change.

Since 2016, we have strived to provide the necessary infrastructure and support for all individuals and communities to fulfil their potential.

Whether by delivering and promoting essential first aid support and healthcare in developing countries or education, sports, and cultural activities in the U.K., we are committing to a vision of a world society where everyone can flourish and prosper.

Community welfare, integration, and kindness are the core of all our efforts and the value of cultural preservation and transmission for all future generations.

 SPLF is an international charitable trust based in the U.K. and directed by Aarti Lohia. Aarti’s work with the most inspiring philanthropic organisations and institutions active in the U.K. and internationally aims at providing solutions, opportunities, and hope for a fairer world for everyone.

 S.P. Lohia & Family are also the founders and benefactors of ICT, Indorama Charitable Trust, whose philanthropic mission focuses on widening access to essential care and education in India and preserving India’s unique cultural heritage.


Aarti Lohia is an Indian born international art collector, art patron and philanthropist.

Since relocating with her family from Singapore to London in 2016, Aarti combines her role as a wife, mother of three and coach to her son Sohum Lohia (3 time under-12 British chess champion in the UK) with her passion for sustainable change and the arts.

With the support of her businessman father-in-law, SP Lohia, Chairman of Indorama Corp, a family-owned and world-renowned organisation, Aarti has initiated and overseen a wide range of philanthropic ventures in education, healthcare, and sports. The Lohia family collaborates with and supports some of the most effective charities today in Asia, Africa and the United Kingdom.

In addition to her role as Head and Trustee of SP Lohia Foundation and Indorama Charitable Trust, Aarti is the leading philanthropic partner for developing the India Foundation for the Arts Archive based in Bangalore, India. She sits on the Victoria & Albert Museum’s International Council, The South Asian Acquisitions Committee at Tate Modern, the Serpentine Gallery’s International Council, the British Fashion Council Foundation as well as MOMA’s David Rockefeller Council.  Aarti also sits on the prestigious National Gallery’s Modern and Contemporary Programme’s Advisory Panel as Leading Philanthropic Partner.  

In 2016, she appeared in Apollo magazine’s 40 under 40 Asia Pacific list among the Top 100 Asian Art Collectors.

Although an avid and influential patron of South Asian contemporary art, Aarti firmly believes in preserving India’s unique cultural heritage for future generations. She is a Founding Patron and Trustee of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale.  Through her work and vision, Aarti Lohia has become a pillar in the South Asian international community.