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Together with our partner organizations we aim to widen access to welfare and education and through the preservation of our unique cultural heritage and participation in the arts, enhance the lives of people for many generations to come.
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A New Vision

A New Vision is a non-profit organisation with a mission to restore sight, dignity and quality of life to the poor and marginalised people who needlessly have blindness. Together with the Lohia Foundation, A New Vision organises a high volume of high-quality free cataract surgery for disadvantaged communities and growing sustainable community eye clinics.

These approaches are in line with the recommendation by WHO’s VISION 2020 “The Right to Sight” to help eradicate avoidable blindness.

Cataract, a clouding of the eyes that can lead to blindness, is still very common across Indonesia, particularly in rural areas where people cannot afford proper care. To combat the ailment, Lohia Foundation, in collaboration with A New Vision, provided free cataract operations to 1,000 patients in Jombang, East Java.

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Platform's Project
Supported by The Lohia Foundation in partnership with Platform Projects Singapore, The Lohia Mentorship Series is an annual public sculpture commission launched earlier this year in January 2015 during Art Week Singapore and gives a Singaporean artist the opportunity to be mentored by an international artist over a period of seven months, culminating in a public sculpture housed at Gillman Barracks.
Tilganga Eye Hospital
In the wake of the Tilganga Earthquake’s tragedy in 2015, which killed over five thousand people, leaving thousands of others homeless, helpless and broken, Lohia Foundation has partnered with Tilganga’s Hospital to provide first aid support and supplies to the victims in the most rural communities.
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The Elephant Family

Elephant Family works to protect Asia’s magnificent wildlife in the most joyful and engaging way possible.

Since its inception in 2003, Elephant Family has registered a presence in the UK, USA and India and powered 150+ projects across India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sumatra and Borneo. These projects have reconnected forest fragments, restored migratory routes, stamped out illegal trades and found ways for humans and wild animals to successfully live closer together than ever before.